General Mike Jackson GCB CBE DSO DL

General Sir Mike Jackson is arguably the most high-profile army general since the Second World War. General Jackson is an ex-serviceman known globally in both the military and civilian world, making him a popular speaker. 

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General Sir Mike Jackson served as Chief of the General Staff and Head of the Army until 2006. He commanded the British forces in Iraq, UN forces in Kosovo and peacekeeping missions in Bosnia.

Jackson was originally commissioned into the Intelligence Corps, specialising in the threat from the Soviet Union. He transferred to the Parachute Regiment and was on duty in Northern Ireland on what became known as Bloody Sunday.

In the 1990s, Jackson served as deputy to General Wesley Clark, NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe. He famously refused Clark's order to block the runway at Pristina airport, telling him "I won't start World War III for you". Had he complied, British and Russian troops might well have come into armed conflict.

In the wake of the Iraq invasion it was Jackson who ordered an inquiry into images released by the Daily Mirror depicting alleged torture of Iraqi prisoners by British soldiers. 

General Sir Mike remains extremely proud of his soldiers' record. He has also questioned the Ministry of Defence's understanding of the ethos of the armed forces, and the debt they are owed by Government.

General Sir Mike now has a strong public profile emphasising leadership and strategic insight. He draws on a wealth of unique experience combining sharp-end military action and the heavy responsibility of many life-and-death policy and command decisions.

His presentations are sharp and memorable, featuring remarkable personal anecdotes and thoughtful examples of both success and failure.

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